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  • Zip file problem


    I enter the name of a new zip file on one size and it asks to create. both mirror and copy into this file do not work. i just get "unable to retrieve <path> Stream error".

    it does work if i copy one file at a time, but not several.

    any ideas?
    -- hugh.

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    Thanks for the report. Are you using the latest BC 4.0.7 release? What type of device or location is the zip created on? If you create the zip on your Desktop, can you copy multiple files into it? If the multiple files are also in a test folder on your Desktop, do they copy in correctly?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Yes, i have version 4.0.7 build 10761.

      ok, it seesm to be something to do with opening a previous session. If i start from scratch, everything works ok. but if i open a previous session and, say change one side to be c:\, then try to copy a directory into it, i get an error.

      -- hugh.


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        Thanks. I gave that a go, but it is still working as expected.

        Could you email us at with
        1) Your from the Help menu -> Support; Export
        2) A screenshot of the session you are loading before typing a new path in (the left or right?) to a new zip
        3) A link back to this forum thread

        Hopefully, with this, we'll be able to reproduce your scenario.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Hi. thanks for looking into this.

          I've been trying to repro a scenario from cold. I think it might be related to the comparison type. try this:

          start a folder compare
          pick a right folder with content (anything should do)
          on the left, c:\
          *then* change the rules to "compare contents"
          then try copying right to left of a directory or two and see if it works.

          if this still works for you, i'll try to make an exact case.

          -- hugh.


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            Thanks for the steps.

            I launched a blank, new Folder Compare.
            How did you want me to load content? I used the MRU list to pick a random folder, or drag and drop.
            On the left, I attempted to make c:\, but Windows 7 generally locks down the root of C:\. If you pick a different location, such as c:\temp\, does this impact the test?
            I then went to the Session Settings, had the default settings, then enabled Rules-based content compare. This could be impacted by the difference in my settings and yours; if you can supply the it might help.
            The Copy from right to left worked.

            Would it be possible to get the above 3 listed items?
            Aaron P Scooter Software