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Folder name / BC4 recognition -- settings issue, or did I find a minor bug?

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  • Folder name / BC4 recognition -- settings issue, or did I find a minor bug?

    I'm using a QNAP TS-212E home cloud / NAS.
    I believe it uses a linux based file system, that can be mapped to in Windows 7.

    I accidentally created two folders with the same name, but different capitalization.
    Due to the copy operation, the contents of all three folders (source drive, two on the comparison drive) are all exactly the same.

    Beyond Compare 4.06 (for windows) doesn't seem to recognize the folder name correctly. Please see image that shows the problem. Is there a setting to check this, or did I find a minor bug? Thank you.

    Click image for larger version

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    Thanks for the screenshots. On the Windows machine that is running Beyond Compare, if you navigate to the folder using Windows Explorer, you see two different entries. However, if you double click on the folder do the contents appear correctly? Or does navigating to either folder take you to a single location/file contents in both instances?

    To test, copy and paste the path used in BC4 into a new Explorer window, then try to double click on either "the" or "The" folder, and double check the contents Explorer shows once navigating inside. Windows doesn't normally support a case difference as different locations. What would the full path for this device be? Is it a \\device\folder\subfolder, or is it bound to a drive letter such as g:\folder\subfolder?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thank you for looking into this. With what I discovered, I have corrected my duplicate folder problem by deleting one extra folder and making certain all names have the same capitalization. Below is what I discovered before deleting the extra folder/renaming. The concern (not identifying different folders with the same name, but different capitalization) still remains.

      Note: All drives are on the QNAP Network Attached Storage server.
      • Source drive: QNAP internal (the original movie folder) linux filing system.
      • Destination drive (2-folder drive): External backup drive. Formatted in Windows NTFS, connected to the QNAP server via USB.

      Method of viewing: Windows 7 / Windows Explorer mapped to the QNAP network. This means I took a Windows formatted NTFS drive, connected it to Linux, and am viewing it over the network in Windows 7.

      File Path:
      • M-drive: \\\Multimedia (source drive)
      • T-drive: \\\USBDisk1 (backup drive)

      Aside from the initial mapping (drive letter), both paths are the same:
      M:\Hollywood Movies\Sci-Fi - Fantasy - Superhero\Lord of The Rings

      The attached GIF shows the different things I tried. I viewed the directories using both Windows and the Linux server file explorers, and got different results.

      Windows seems to know there are two different folders, but when viewing either folder, it combines and displays all the files in both folders. Linux knows the two folders are unique.

      I'm thinking the problem is that Beyond Compare is subject to the same rules as Windows, and is "taking what it gets" for directory structure from the Windows operating system and then doing the best it can to figure it out. Instead of just combining the two sets of files, however, Beyond Compare goes one step further and just shows one folder.

      When working with network folders like this, I would recommend that Beyond Compare notice the problem like windows dies, then then pop up a a flag or warning stating that due to the different file systems, a proper compare can't be done on these folders.

      Or, if there's a setting I need to change, please let me know. I'm open to fixing this or providing you with any more examples you need.

      Click image for larger version

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        Given the screenshots, it looks like one of your folders is a subset of files of the other folder in File Station (the correct results, right?). Are you sure that Windows is combining the two, or is it navigating to the larger folder and showing it's contents regardless of which folder you select? To verify, test with a specific "test1.txt" file in the lower case directory, and "test2.txt" in the Upper case directory.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          In File Station (on the linux side)
          - test1.txt goes in the first folder (Test folder example)
          - test2.txt goes in the second folder (Test folder Example)

          See image for what happened next. It was not what I expected.
          Click image for larger version

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            While the File Station software attempts to handle and pass folders with different case names, Windows is not able to interpret this. It appears that, regardless of which folder you attempt to open (Example or example), it will always show the folder that contains "test2.txt". This makes sense, as Windows can only actually see one location. There isn't anything that Beyond Compare could do to work around this, as Windows is not designed to handle this case difference. You would need to fix the source to allow it to be read on this host OS outside of their included File Station software.
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              Thank you, that is what I suspected.

              I will have to be more careful when renaming files on the NAS.