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Specifying simultaneous connections via command?

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  • Specifying simultaneous connections via command?

    I am trying to open a BC session via a VB script and transfer a number of files via FTPS, which in the environment I'm operating in is fairly slow. Therefore I'd like to take advantage of the simultaneous connections fuinctionality because (as you'd expect) this has been proven to reduce syncronisation times.

    The issue I have is I'd like to be able to specify the number of simultaneous connections from the script that fires up BC. Is this possible?

    For example if there was a command like simultaneous-connections:10, in the same way you can out put to a file using output-to:filename.txt, that would be ideal.

    I have googled and searched this forum but not found anything that sheds any light, any help/suggestions would be appreciated!

    This is using BC4 by the way.

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    We do not expose this option on the command line or scripting. You would need to set this option in the graphical interface in the specific Profile (which we then use/load in scripting). If you need to alter this on the fly, this would require using a saved Profile, and altering the BCProfile.xml file on the fly using other scripting solutions to manually edit our setting files. Please be careful editing, as any typo would cause the setting file to fail, so I would suggest backing up your settings first.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the response Aaron.