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FTP comparison "compare contents" not the same as opening the files

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  • FTP comparison "compare contents" not the same as opening the files

    Can you help me figure out a weirdness with FTP.

    I'm comparing a directory of files remotely to the same locally. For brevity i use quick compare. In order to investigate some apparent differences, i click on "compare contents =?". These files are then determined as different; changes to red !=.

    However, when i open the files to see the differences, they are the same! (minor mode is off)

    These files are text files and their sizes are different due to line endings (most likely). I was expecting the "compare contents" feature to apply the same rule based comparison as opening the file, but it looks like not.

    how can i make the "compare contents" the same as when opening the files?


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    Compare Contents normally shows a dialog that lets you pick which scan type it runs, but this may have been suppressed. To re-enable it, go to the Tools menu -> Options, File Operations, and check "Confirm content compare". Once re-enabled, run the content scan and select to run Rules-based compare. This should return the same results as double clicking and viewing files.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      That was it! Somehow it had changed to "binary compare" and didnt ask me.

      thanks for your help,
      -- hugh.