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'Align With...' causes collapsed folders to all expand

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  • 'Align With...' causes collapsed folders to all expand

    When comparing a large number of folders with differences, I've collapsed them all and then double-clicked on just one folder to compare the contents of that folder on both sides.

    With just the one folder expanded on both sides, if I try to align a file on one side with a file on the other side (because the filenames are slightly different), I find that if I right-click a file on the left and use 'Align With...' and then click the corresponding file on the right side, then Beyond Compare expands all of the folders again. Very annoying.

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    Thanks for the report. The Align command does currently trigger a refresh, so this would use your current Session Settings, Handling tab settings. Do you have the setting enabled to "Automatically expand folders during comparison"? This would explain the expansion. Normally, by default, this is disabled and all folders collapse.

    Either way, preserving the folder state is on our wishlist.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Yes, I do have the setting "Expand subfolder when loading session" enabled as the default for folder compares. And I'd like to keep that option enabled.

      Anyway, I'm glad that preserving state is on your list. The current behaviour is very inconvenient.