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Way to copy file names without contents?

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  • Way to copy file names without contents?

    I'd like to use the copy or synchronize function in BC4 to create (in a second location) a bunch of zero-length files "representing" the original files, that is, maintaining the folder hierarchy and filenames, but not the contents.

    For example, consider a top-level folder with directory structure below, containing HUGE files (maybe .mp4). I want to create a duplicate record of all the MP4 filenames and containing folder structure, but without the HUGE-NESS of the whole thing. I don't need the data, just the fact of what data is there.

    Is such a thing possible?

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    Beyond Compare can't duplicate a file structure as size zero files on the file system. However, if you need to keep a record of a directory listing, use the "Tools > Save Snapshot" command in BC.

    A snapshot is a single file that holds directory listing information for a folder structure. It includes file name, relative path to the base folder, size, and modified date. It can optionally include CRC values.

    Once you've saved a snapshot file, you can load it like a folder in Beyond Compare. This is useful to track changes to a folder over time.
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      Way to copy file names without contents?

      Okay, thanks for the answer. That works but it is only useful for future use of the data by BC4. I was hoping to use the result with something else. But maybe I should have looked to another tool to do it in the first place. BC4 can do so much though, that it was my first inclination to look for a solution involving it.


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        If anyone ever cares to do the same thing I am needing to, I found a great solution to this problem (the problem of copying a folder tree to another location, but with zero-length files).

        Robocopy is a command-line tool included with Windows 7 and later that easily does this job:

        ROBOCOPY sourcefolder destinationfolder /CREATE /S

        /CREATE is the key here as it is what creates the zero-length files