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Portable Installation of BC4

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  • Portable Installation of BC4

    Hi everyone.

    At work, we have BC3, but I really enjoy the 3 way folder merges, and makes my life easier after trying out the feature in the demo.

    If I were to buy a PRO license for myself, can I install a portable version on a flash drive and use it at my workstation?

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    You wouldn't even necessarily need to use the Portable Install. BC3 and BC4 can be installed at the same time and use different settings on Windows. This way, you can trial BC4 while still using BC3 for day to day work. The one caveat would be to only enable the context menu (Options dialog -> Startup) for one or the other, as only one can be on the Windows right-click menu at a time.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hello Aaron.

      Reason I asked about the portable install is that I would like to use it at home and at work, although I can't be in both places at the same time! I don't think the pro license would let me install it in both places (even though only I would use it), correct?


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        Nevermind, found my answer on the shop page.

        DID YOU KNOW...
        You may use a single-user license on any number of computers as long as only you are using it.
        Minor updates are always free. For example, your BC4 license key will work with all 4.x.x releases forever.


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          Correct, you can definitely use it in both locations using a normal install. You can then even install a Portable Install to:
          -A USB stick to carry with you to use on other machines
          -To your desktop, as a separate testing install that doesn't interfere with your main install settings.
          Aaron P Scooter Software