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Changed behaviour with Text Details in BC4

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  • Changed behaviour with Text Details in BC4

    There is a difference in how the Text Details looks in the File Comparison view. That is the box at the bottom of the window where the same line from the two files are compared on top of each other. In BC3, text that was the same was aligned. That is, when there was text in one file and none in the other, the second file was padded. In BC4 there is no padding. Is there a setting to control this? Is it an intended change?

    See the attachments for examples. Clipboard01.jpg is from BC3, while Clipboard02.jpg is the same difference in BC4.
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    That's one of our view modes that, once enabled, is sticky and remembered. To enable, right click in the details area or go to the View menu and enable Alignment Details. It is available in both BC3 and BC4.
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      íMuchas gracias!

      I played with that setting from the main menu, but somehow I failed to observed what happened in the details window. (Hm, shouldn't the setting have been carried over from BC3? Oh well.)