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    I have been beginning to use the Folder Merge feature of BC4-Pro with its companion File Merge Feature. I want to make a suggestion that I think would be a great improvement for this product. Currently there are no change summary color bars displayed for the files in the three column area of the display. This is a great short coming. There should be a split change summary bar, similar to that showing on the left side for Two File Compare, that applies for the left & ancestor files and another for the ancestor & right files. The one for the left file could obviously be placed on the left side whilst the one for the right files would be on the right side. These change summary bars would probably want to have an option toggle to turn either of them on/off individually.

    I personally find the change summary bar that displays in the output window almost useless for the types of file sets I've used the Folder/File merge feature for. It could be that this latter change summary bar is trying to convey information in a way that comes off as less than intuitive due to trying to display too much stuff in one space. As a minimum this bar probably needs to have an option to toggle it on and off. Even better may be an option to toggle through several bar display contents and formats.

    The two split format change summary bars that I proposed for the three column area of the display will greatly enhance the tool for reviewers that use the BC4 to check the work of a merge operation done by another team member.

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    Thanks for the feedback and request. Adding a preview thumbnail to the Text Merge session type is on our Customer Wishlist, and I'll add these notes to that entry.
    Aaron P Scooter Software