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Directory depth beyond the 260 character limit

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  • Directory depth beyond the 260 character limit

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    I'm trying to use BC to move a bunch of files from one server to another but, since my users can be trouble, there are some directory and file combinations that are beyond the 260 character limit. If, in the path location, I were to prefix it with '\\?\' to get beyond the 260 character limit, would I break BC and/or the directory path for my data?

    I'm sorry if this question has been asked already, but I looked through the forums and didn't find anything.

    Thank you,

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    BC4 is capable of going beyond the standard OS character depth limit for navigation, but some other areas will break, such as some of the external conversions we use when viewing files in the Text Compare, etc. Also, *many* other programs and the OS itself will then fail to interact with the files at all. It is generally recommended to use BC to help correct the scenario, as once you are beyond the native OS limit it is difficult to predict how the OS might handle this location in the future.
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