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"show hidden items" button shows too much

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  • "show hidden items" button shows too much

    When in folder compare view, if I'm copying from one side to the other, the "Copy to Side" confirmation dialog says that the "Selected folder contains items hidden by display or file filters". This is correct as I cannot see everything that will be copied at the moment. The dialog also indicates that 1 file and 1 folder are to be copied.

    However, if I click the little button with the image of an eye on it to show me these hidden files, I see way too many items. These items are in the folder that will be copied, but they will not be part of the copy (because they are already at the destination). Proceeding with the copy works (only what I expect to be copied is actually copied, not the stuff the eyeball button showed).

    I think the attachment screenshot (including BC4 and relevant Explorer windows) shows what I am talking about better than the above description ever could.

    I think this is a bug. Why should I be shown files that (quite rightly) are hidden, but won't take part in the operation about to be performed anyway?
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    The current behavior is by design; I'll try to explain what the Peek button does.

    The initial view can have various Display and File filters applied to it, hiding a variety of items. You are currently using both display filters and file name filters to exclude certain content. Selecting a folder and telling it to copy will respect these filters and only copy the currently included/visible content: in this case, 1 file and 1 folder.

    The copy dialog does have a checkbox, however, to copy currently excluded content. If you check the box, items that are part of the selection but aren't included due to filtering can optionally be included. The peek button shows a small preview of what these items would be if the box is checked. This list is accurate, and those items would be copied if you also enabled "Include hidden items in operation". "hidden" in this case does not refer to only items with the "Hidden" attribute; it refers to any not-visible items, of which we also have Attribute filtering (to exclude Hidden if necessary, and they are included by default).
    Aaron P Scooter Software