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Behavior change between Version 3 and 4

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  • Behavior change between Version 3 and 4

    I have folder compare session between Windows and Linux with text files which can have PC or UNIX endings.
    After running compare in both 3 an4 it shows differences which is fine.
    Then I select directory where I have difference and execute "Compare Content" command from menu.
    In version 3 result shows as no difference but in version 4 result always different if only line endings do not match.
    Session setting are the same in both versions. It look like version 4 ignores "Compare Content" because it executes in 0 seconds while version 3 takes about 10 seconds to complete in my case.

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    It sounds like you are running a "Binary" Compare Contents in BC4, while running a "Rules-based" Compare Contents in BC3. When you run Compare Contents, does the dialog appear, and which content scan do you select?

    If the dialog does not appear, go to the Tools menu -> Options dialog, File Operations, and enable "Confirm content compare". Once you change the option and verify it is working, you can then hide the dialog again.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      That solved it. Thank you