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Windows 7 total freeze when using BC4 (& BC2)

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  • Windows 7 total freeze when using BC4 (& BC2)


    First of all, I'd like to say what a great product Beyond Compare is. I've been using it since BC2 and introduced many others (personal and corporate) to it .

    I've got an issue, however, with BC4 (and BC2) on Windows 7 64 bit when folder synchronising between an external USB HDD and a local network NAS (ReadyNAS Duo). I've never had a problem syncing between local drives / the external USB hard disk so I think it's something to do with talking to the SMB/CIFS share on the NAS.

    Within a few minutes of starting copying orphans/changes from the USB HDD to the NAS, Windows will freeze (no mouse movement, no CTRL ALT DEL response) and the PC will need to be powered off /on to recover.

    I can robocopy / explorer copy files to/from the NAS OK and the PC never freezes at other times so I think BC has to be the culprit. I'm running BC2 and BC4 (evaluation) on this [home] machine and both of them result in freezes. I use BC3 on Win 7 64 bit at work without any issues.

    Any ideas, please?


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    The specific functions in BC are generally not capable of causing a full system freeze. When we see behavior like this, it is almost always a driver issue (sometimes firmware can help, too). BC's tasks are sometimes more demanding than Explorer; though otherwise I would expect to match behavior there.

    Are there any driver differences you could check between your systems, and any updates you could apply? Firmware or driver, and as general advice please back up anything on the device before applying a firmware change.

    Since you are accessing the device as a Windows Share, are there any differences in the network environment (firewall?) on either computer, which could be disabled for testing?
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