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    I am Bruno and I bought one licence today. I need BC4 only for to sync 1 Server Folder and 1 Tablett pc Folder with wlan. About 7GB files inside. The sinc is done and it is fine.

    Questions: I bought the licence from here: and I hope that I am on the right place because I did not get any licence after some hours. I should not buy here
    And I like to know if there is a way to manage when the sync will be done. Best would be if this goes automatic for example when changing files in a Folder. Or when start up the Tablett pc. Or any other solution... Is there a way?

    Many thanks for feedback

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    Thanks for posting! That site belongs to a reseller; they have permission to sell the product and help German language users, but we're the official maker of the software.

    The graphical interface has a Sync Now button which can be used to commit a Folder Sync session and begin the sync. We do not currently scan or detect changes. This would require a Refresh then another Sync.

    We do support a simple scripting language that can be used to call a sync from the command line. This command line could be plugged into Windows Task Scheduler to be called every hour, as an example. This is documented in the Help file -> Using Beyond Compare -> Script chapter. There is also a main Scripting Reference chapter as well.

    For testing any script, please test with test folders. Script does not support an Undo command, and does not preview any actions before committing them, so it is best to test it on test data while learning the application to prevent accidentally losing any data. If you have any questions about the scripting functionality, please let us know.
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      Hi and thanks for answer. I think some automatism to make a sinc like on Windows start or shut down would be nice to have... Maybe in a later Version? Thanks and good by


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        Windows Task Scheduler can be set to run on a variety of conditions, such as Windows Start Up or User Login (or just at certain times such as early in the morning).
        Aaron P Scooter Software