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Big room for improvement when aligning sections when merging files.

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  • Big room for improvement when aligning sections when merging files.

    I've requested this feature several times and each time it gets ignored.

    BC is great for deploying updates to my servers and now great for inline editing with the new BC4 in-place edits.

    Where it sucks is when aligning sections.

    For once I'd like to align two lines in a file and have them stay in view. Usually I right-click on a line, choose "align with", find the line, then have to search up and down to see where my aligned lines went.

    Several times I've requested the option to right click on a line and find it on the other side, like a "find and align" option. What I have to do now is find my line, right click, choose "align with", then Ctrl-F and choose my alignment from my previous searches, which fortunately are saved. Then I might have to search forward or backward to find the line. "Find on other side" should work with selection or entire line.

    Speaking of aligning sections when comparing files.... There should be a way to embed code in a commented line to line up files first before the compare starts. I tried to set this alignment with a higher priority (5) in a custom VFP file format, and set procedures and functions to a lower priority (3), but never got what I wanted. I suspect the problem is the compare only searched a hundred lines either way and didn't find it.


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    Thanks for the suggestion, Rick. Improving our manual Align (and auto-align) is something that's been on our wishlist for awhile. These are useful notes and ideas, and I'll add them to our entry on the subject. If you have any sample files you would also like to include (we have some, but always appreciate more real-world use case scenarios) you can email us at along with a link back to this forum thread for our reference.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks Aaron.


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          Hi Rick,

          This is still on our wishlist, but not a feature we've been able to tackle yet.
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            Thanks for the update.