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  • BC4 improvement suggestions

    I've been a user of BC for some time and like it a lot. However since the release of BC4, I noticed that the following has changed and not in the best possible way:
    1. C++ code comparison thumbnail on the left became wider by about 30-40px. I would have expected it to become smaller since the space on the screen is so precious during comparison (it is only half of what is available during coding ).
    2. For text comparison "Text Details" font became bigger and seems there is no way to change it. When I code review, several code lines no longer fit on the screen. Again, the screen space is very limited and making the font smaller (like in BC3) would be a good idea.
    3. During C++ code comparison the line to line changes are not red-lighted correctly. It is understandable that syntax is a difficult thing to consider. However, if by some chance you'll be able to let external DLL to make that comparison, that would be the best. What I suggest is, lets say for C++ code, you would have a parameter in settings to use external DLL for text comparison. And that DLL would have only function CompareLines(char *szOldLine,char *szNewLine,char *CompResBuf, unsigned uCompResBufSize); And that function would perform the comparison of 2 lines and return the result of comparison into an array where each byte would be 'U'-unchanged,'D'-deleted,'A'-added. Simple! The developers would be able to write that comparison function for their own needs. That would greatly help with line-to-line change misdetection.

    I hope this feedback would help to make BC the best tool for all of us.


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    Thanks for the feedback. Let's see if I can tackle each of these.

    1. I think what may be happening here is DPI scaling. BC3 did not handle DPI scaling for various parts of the application, while BC4 would scale up the thumbnail as DPI is increased. Hence, BC4 is actually displaying the correct width, while BC3's was shrunken down.

    2. Are you currently set to use Text Details or Alignment Details? Text Details should mirror the current Editor font, as set in the Options dialog, Colors,Fonts, Files views tab -> Editor Font. Alignment Details used fixed width font, which is the Hex Font in the same section.

    3. Could we perhaps see the example of this case, either posted here or emailed to (with a link back to this forum thread)? Our grammar elements should help weigh and align text, and we do have a C/C++/C# format that should have these mostly defined.
    Aaron P Scooter Software