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Feature Request: Context menu: Select same on other side

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  • maurice
    Ignoring the folder structure doesn't help me because the files I'm comparing are all in one folder, compared to one other folder. Thanks again.

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  • Aaron
    Thanks for the suggestion. Currently, we require the files to be aligned in order to compare them. With this functionality, we would need to be able to scan for duplicates of the file regardless of where it appears (or what it is named). It's a large change, but on our wishlist.

    In BC3/4, we do have an option to Ignore Folder Structure as a view mode. This would align the files of equal names regardless of the subfolder they are in, but it does require matching names. Does this help?

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  • Feature Request: Context menu: Select same on other side

    I frequently need to copy the same files from both sides of a folder compare. When the files are not all adjacent in the list, this can mean hunting the specific files (Cntl + click), copying to a folder, then repeating the process for the other side. It would help me if I there were a context item to select the same files on the opposite side.

    This could be tricky if any file in the initial selection were not found on the other side. My expectation would be that only the files present would be selected. Perhaps a warning that not all files were found > continue yes/no.

    Although I have not needed it, I imagine that it might also be useful to toggle the file selection on the same side from those selected on one side to the files not selected on the same side.

    Thanks and keep up the fine work!!