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    I have a question regarding the filtering and scripting facilities of Beyond Compare.

    I am developing a Delphi application and my code sits in two main folders:
    - Test
    - Production

    Test folder. This has several subfolders and each subfolder holds some files (*.pas, *.dfm etc.) for a specific funcionality of the application. Test folder also contains additional folders and files for testing purposes only.
    Production folder has several folders too with the same pattern of the folder test. Subfolders for testing purpose only mentioned above are not present in Production subfolders.

    My method is to develop the funcionalities using the files in the test folders, once ready to copy them into the production folder, compile and ship the application.

    I would like to have a tool which is capable to scan the files in the Test subfolders (excluding the files in the subfolders for testing purpose only), compare them with the same files in the Production subfolders, show the findings and then to copy the files that need to be updated.
    I would like this tool to do this automatically without selecting files or folder every time the process is run.

    Can Beyond Compare manage this ?

    Many thanks
    Pio Pio

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    Yes, you can use a combination of file name filters to exclude the Test Only environment folders, then compare left to right the same, remaining folder structure and files. You can then generate a report or copy files from one side to the other. I would suggest giving our trial a try, to see if our report layouts meet your reporting needs. And also, start in the graphical interface first before scripting. This is because BC4 does not offer an Undo command after a copy or other action has taken place, and scripting offers no preview before committing an action.

    The interface should look similar to our Comparing Folders screenshot, here:

    I would suggest testing with test folder locations before live data, while you learn our application. You can then move to scripting (documented in the Help file -> Using Beyond Compare -> Scripts) for the automated functionality.

    Our trial is fully functional, so please test with it first to make sure we fully meet your needs before any purchase is necessary.
    Aaron P Scooter Software