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  • Compare foldername case

    In March 2013 I asked about having BC3 be able to compare foldername case and was told it's on the wishlist.

    Can you please ensure it's on the wishlist for BC4 too, because even BC4 apparently can't compare foldername case.

    Honestly, I find it almost unbelievable that an application whose speciality is comparing files and folders has no option that allows the comparison of foldername case.

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    I assume you are referring to this request:

    And yes, it is still on our internal wishlist. Our Customer Wishlist is a long term project area. The items are not scheduled, but developers can go to the list to find ideas for future features and enhancements. We do not have a time line associated with the items, and it might be quite some time before an item is pulled off. We have only a few developers and many projects and bug fixes to implement.

    Beyond Compare aligns folder and file structure, but compares the timestamp/sizes of files. The folder timestamps are displayed, but are not used since they are generally unreliable (updated frequently by the host OS). The coloring of folders is inherited from the comparison of the files within them, not their own timestamp. Similarly, the compare case option only compares between file pairs. Alignment is impacted by character case, but both sides need to be Case Sensitive (Linux, FTP, Snapshot, etc).
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Yes, I understand all of that. However, as a comparison and synchronisation tool, Beyond Compare is still unable to assist with the identifying or fixing of foldername case when comparing 2 sets of folders on a Windows system. It's quite a fundamental thing. BC already support filename case comparison -- it's baffling why the same treatment has still never been given to foldernames.


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        "me too"
        I'm migrating a web project from windows to unix and I have to ensure everything is cased correctly.
        Maybe I'm wrong but to me "compare filename case" should take care also of directories tout-cour. I don't feel the need for a separate option. Grindax what do you think?
        Sure, two different options would make things very clear.

        both sides need to be Case Sensitive (Linux, FTP, Snapshot, etc).
        "need to be" for what purpose?
        AFAIK case comparison can be successfully done even in windows. At the moment I'm in Windows and I'm comparing - via the file system - two views of a unix ftp. IN BC4 I can clearly see many matching folders with different casing.
        As for "case renaming" so to say, in my experience, the way to be sure is to use an intermediate temp name: "folder" -> "temp" -> "Folder".
        That way I circumvent any problem of "indifference" of the various file system layers.

        Thank you Aaron for your attention.


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          A last minute flash:
          a new command, similar to "touch", could be useful: "copy casing" from side to side:
          each matching file would be renamed the way I proposed above and at the end all files and dirs would case-match.


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            In the case where you have a Unix FTP on one side, and a Unix FTP on the other side, then BC4 should be treating those as case sensitive sides: not aligning a case difference. Running BC4 on Windows shouldn't matter; it's the loaded targets and if they treat case as important or unimportant. Are you seeing different behavior?

            Adding a Touch command for aligned files that have a case difference (Windows to Linux or Windows to Windows) is on our wishlist.
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              What is the status concerning the ability to compare foldername case on a Windows system? It's been more than 3 years.


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                This is still on our wishlist, but hasn't been a project we've been able to tackle yet. We've been pretty busy; you can review what we've been able to work on in our changelog here:
                Aaron P Scooter Software


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                  Aaron, I've very much been keeping track of the changelog over the last few years.

                  I just can't understand why a dedicated comparison tool still can't compare foldernames, after all this time. Very disappointing.


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                    +1 on this issue. I'm new to BC, and have a desire to analyze name differences in case on a Windows file system. It looks like I need to resort to use of another tool for this. Since I like finding one-stop shops, disappointment ensues.


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                      +1 on this