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  • Patch Viewer: Full File Display Mode

    Suggested Feature

    I love the new patchfile viewing mode.

    Sometimes the side-by-side display can be misleading, however.

    1. Any time that the line counter jumps across a threshold (whether line numbers are being displayed currently or not), the app should put some kind of dividing line: preferably right across the text area between the previous section and the next session. More than once, I've looked at it and thought "No Way did I change that particular function!" Then I looked closer at the line numbers and realized there was a big jump in there, but it was displayed as though the lines were contiguous.

    2. I would love to be able to indicate that one side or the other refers to a file physically present or currently available (as opposed to a revision in SVN, for example). Once the patch viewer has that, it could either work forward or work backward from the full file (using the patch) and display the full file in both the left and right panes.

    (Well, actually, I think there are a couple of boundary cases where you can only show *most* of the file. That would still be okay.)

    There are times when it would be nice to see ALL the unchanged lines in this way.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I've added your suggestions to our feature request tracker for the patch viewer. We'll work on improving it in a future release.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Fantastic! Thanks!!


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        Now With Dividing Line!

        I really like the new dividing line you added!
        Subtle. Super-informative! ("nnn filtered lines")
        Even configurable!