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"Preview" checkbox does nothing

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  • "Preview" checkbox does nothing

    I'm using BC4 under Windows. In the "Options -> Colors,Fonts -> File Views" there is a "Preview" checkbox. Checking and unchecking it does nothing. There is also no mention of that checkbox in the help (help page that appears when I press F1 in that dialog).

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    In the latest BC4 beta build, in Windows, this checkbox seems to work. As you change a color, it will update that color in the main interface in real time, without needing to hit Apply. You need to move the modal Options dialog box to the side in order to see the main interface. Which color option are you updating? It might be a problem with the specific view and color option you are changing.

    During the beta, we are rolling out new features and they do not always make it into the Help file. We'll be updating the Help file as things finalize and before the 4.0 release.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Strangely, today the Preview checkbox seems to work. I did exactly the same as the other day. Go figure.

      I was changing the File View settings for Important and Unimportant background colours to match the colours from BC3. I found the BC3 colour scheme easier to see than the default colour scheme from BC4.


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        Same here. Without help explaining the checkboxes they are quite irritating. Particularly because they do not represent an option to set.

        I'd suggest rename the "Preview" checkbox to something like "Live preview in editor while editing colors in this panel" and to give a visual cue that this setting is not an option.

        Frankly, I would suggest to discard the Preview checkbox completely and have an asynchronous queue update the colors in the editor automatically every 10th of a second whenever a color actually has been changed in the panel by the user. What would be the reason for not updating them realtime anyway?