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    I just updated B.C.4 to the latest build, and I saw that You fixed my main tool-bar issue, so now I can see all buttons!
    Thank You!
    Now, if only You might let me see Favorites AND Toggles...
    Less important, is to be able to move tool-bars, but also to lock them.
    And now the most stupid "issue".
    When I choose "Tools"->"Options..." I see that the small arrow/triangle overlaps the 'u' of "Main menu", as I said it is the most stupid "issue"....

    Thank You very much again and regards

    Rodolfo Giovanninetti

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    Thank you for reporting the problem. I repeated the issue with the arrow overdrawing the text on a Windows 7 PC with the theme set to Windows Classic. I'll add this to our bug list to be fixed.

    Also, thanks for the request about showing Favorites and Toggles at the same time and moving toolbars. We're considering adding these back in a future version and I've added your vote to our feature request tracker.
    Chris K Scooter Software