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  • and Bcomp.exe date and version?

    On my pc I installed B.C.4 since it went public beta and I have kept it updated using its own internal updating system.
    I have installed also the portable version, using the latest download.
    I see there are some (important?) differences between the two directories.
    For example, under program files I have (dates are dd/mm/yyyy, Italian way)

    23/12/2013 15:19 93.184
    23/12/2013 15:19 89.088 BComp.exe

    whereas in the portable directory I have

    03/06/2014 18:02 99.432
    03/06/2014 18:02 95.336 BComp.exe

    In both cases, if I run /?
    I get (copyright date is old?):

    Beyond Compare v4.0.0.18291
    Copyright (c) 1996-2008 Scooter Software. All rights reserved.

    There are other files with different dates, but that are binary same: 7z.dll, BCUnRar.dll, Patch.exe.
    So, it seems that the auto-update does not update all files.
    To have a clean situation, what can I do?
    Can I copy manually files from the portable directory to the program files?
    Or it is better if I remove B.C.4 and reinstall it?
    To save ALL, which files/directories I have to backup?

    Thank You and regards

    Rodolfo Giovanninetti

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    Also, in program files there is 7zxa.dll, that maybe is no longer useful.


    Rodolfo Giovanninetti


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      The updates won't replace files if they have the same version information as the existing files. In the case of, those files are the same, we've just started digitally signing them. We haven't needed to recompile them since they were introduced in 2008. As for 7zxa.dll, the installer only removes old files when you uninstall. BC doesn't use the file anymore, so it doesn't hurt anything.

      We will recommend uninstalling the beta before installing the official release. For now, if you want peace of mind, you can certainly copy files over from the portable install safely.
      ZoŽ P Scooter Software