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Windows MTP / PTP device support

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  • Windows MTP / PTP device support

    Many camera, phones, tablets, etc. no longer connect to Windows as USB storage drives, but as MTP devices. None of the regular read/write APIs work with these devices -- it takes a whole new set.

    And I understand that MTP devices run the file system on the device, so these APIs don't deliver directory structures, etc. as traditional software expects them.

    Obviously, this is would be another dimension for BC, like registry support and FTP support.

    Any chance the developers would take a look at implementing this?


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    The latest BC4 beta does support the MTP protocol. If you drag and drop, are you having trouble with your specific devices?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Had I know last weekend, my life would have been made much easier by trying BC4.


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        Sorry, were you trying BC3 previously? This forum post was in the BC4 forum, so I had assumed you were using the BC4 beta (in which MTP was only recently added).
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Was using BC3, and quickly found MTP wasn't accessible to BC3.

          Knowing that BC4 was under development, I made my suggestion to the BC4 forum. I doubted BC3 would be retrofitted, and I hoped MPT would be implemented before BC5. Thus BC4 forum.

          Of course if I'd researched the BC4 beta, I'd found out that it was work in progress and been delighted to see how well it was coming along. Got to remember to cast a wider net before I speak.

          Good night, and good luck!