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BC4 Suggestion: Add 'Ignore daylight..' and 'Ignore timezone..' to Tools->Options

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  • Aaron

    One the Home screen, you can expand the folder containing the default session types. Changing the item here updates it for all future Folder Compare sessions. You would need to manually re-edit any already existing session as well.

    In a specific Folder Compare, when editing the Session Settings, there is a dropdown control at the bottom to "Also Update session defaults" if you are already at that step as well.

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  • bcdewul
    Please allow me to get back on this one.
    Hopefully the suggestion has shifted to a higher position on the priority list.

    As for me . . .
    an OPTION to "Ignore DST" (Daylight Saving) under general settings would be nice.
    In my case Ignore DST would -always- apply.
    Admittedly for others this may not be the case and they would then leave this option untagged
    and can select this option on a per session basis, if so required.

    Right now, if a user has many different profiles, he/she needs to go thru the settings of each
    and everyone to tag this option.


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  • Aaron
    Thanks for the feedback. You can adjust the Session Default for all future comparisons, but any currently saved comparison will keep the option enabled. Since it is part of the comparison criteria, we keep it in the Session Settings, but we'll consider this and I'll add a note to our wishlist.

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  • BC4 Suggestion: Add 'Ignore daylight..' and 'Ignore timezone..' to Tools->Options

    As far as I know, Sessions Settings Rules->Comparison->
    Ignore daylight saving difference (1 hour)
    Ignore timezone differences

    are not in the general settings, whereas -especially- differences due to 'the daylight savings' is something that may have a 'general' affect.

    Meaning that this setting (to Ignore daylight saving) is not limited to 1 session for a specific comparison, rather it will also apply to other sessions.

    i.e. this should be tagged for each individual session...

    My suggestion: why not add this to 'Tools->Options'?
    (e.g. under 'Tweaks' )