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Possible UI bug: Folder Merge

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  • Possible UI bug: Folder Merge

    using Version 4.0 beta (build 17905)
    On a Folder Merge tab I have seen a number of of icons to the far left:

    1) Two squares with a Y arrow
    2) Diagonal arrow pointing SE
    3) Diagonal arrow pointing SW
    4) Exclamation mark
    They seems self explaining to me but to be sure I check the help they seem undocumented
    However clicking them I got a different behaviour than expected (only tried this on 1-3)

    Single click select left collum, I expected:

    1) select whole row (all three columns)
    2) select right column
    3) select left column

    Double click open text 3 way merge, I expected:

    1) open text 3 way merge
    2) copy right to output
    3) copy left to output


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    Hello Jod,

    Thanks for the feedback. The far left column icon selection isn't doing anything special right now, so clicking there is just selecting the far left cell.

    We'll look into what a single click there might represent, but I suspect it will select the entire line (like a gutter selection) rather than individual columns. Since the column is of a specific status (Diagonal Arrow), if you click Merge on the selection, it will perform that action on that row, regardless of the cell selection.

    A double click will open the appropriate child viewer, which is a Text Merge in this case. This is similar to double clicking a file in the Folder Compare, which always launches the child comparison for that row.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      The reason I had the described expectation to single click is that you have icons that do this kind of things in text merge


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        Thanks for the feedback. The gutter icons in the Text Merge are the left-most control per pane and are buttons, so there is a 3 columns of potential buttons per the top 3 panes (4th in the output).

        The Folder Merge preview icon is more analogous to the Folder Sync preview icon, to offer an overview of the action(s) that would be taken on the row(s) if the Merge/Sync is committed. Or like the Thumbnail overview in the Text Compare.

        Would you suggest different positioning or information that might make this clearer?
        Aaron P Scooter Software