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Folder Merge - How to process 100's of files in one step?

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  • Folder Merge - How to process 100's of files in one step?

    I have on left new version, center old version, right modified old version.

    --- Details (skip to question if you can) ---
    (This is as recommended ... the "common ancestor of both left and right is in the center). Among the changes in the modified (right) version are added files. Many of the old version and new version files are identical and many of these are modified. BC4 appears to properly determine that those are to be copied rather than "merged" and they are flagged with a purple left arrow (copy to output from right). Some of the files are flagged as to be merged and are flagged with a merge icon. Some of the files are changed only in the new version and are properly flagged with a blue right arrow (copy to output from left).

    If I expand all entries and open any line it appears to operate as expected with the copy from right, merge and copy from left being saved to output (it prompts for saving). So far so good.

    --- Question ---
    My problem is there are like 700 files in my project and I want BC4 to do whatever it is going to do (copy from right, merge or copy from left) to output in one step, all 700 files. How to do this?

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    Select a 4th location as output (for testing), select a handful of files, and use the Merge action (toolbar or Actions menu) to merge the selection. Does this work as expected? You can then Select All, or use the display filter to show a subset and select it, then Merge.

    Folder Merge is one of our newer beta features, and we would appreciate the help testing it and feedback on the UI. I would suggest testing with already backed up data or test data while helping us test it, to prevent any unexpected behavior from causing any loss of live data.
    Aaron P Scooter Software