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  • "Version Information Malformed"

    Is it possible to make this error message more useful, e.g. say what is actually wrong with the file and whether this has affected BC's ability to accurately compare the file.

    It's confusing to see this error message when BC appears to extract and display the version information successfully anyway.

    I see this error if I open the executable file (pycharm.exe) for the current version of PyCharm (v3.1.3) in BC's Version Compare mode. I can see all the info -- why am I told that it's "malformed"?

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    Our error messaging could be improved, but there is something malformed with that specific file. The File Version info isn't parsing correctly in BC4, since the .exe is returning that the total length of that field is much shorter than the field is. We'll look into better handling this scenario, and see if we can improve our error text. Thanks for the example case.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Originally posted by Aaron View Post
      We'll look into better handling this scenario
      I just tried opening the PyCharm executable in BC4's version compare, just to see if any improvements/fixes have been made in this area, and I see that the "Version Information Malformed" message is still displayed.


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        I added this .exe to our set of example cases. When we work on enhancing our Version Compare it will be part of our test cases. In the meantime, the error message is technically correct: the file is malformed. We just aren't able to present more detail for the error message at this time.
        Aaron P Scooter Software