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Seriously no Easter discount?

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  • Seriously no Easter discount?

    I was looking at purchasing this product but I do not pay full price. I wait for sales so thinking there should be an Easter sale I see no discount at all.

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    Really? Trolling for a discount? Pay the price or don't. What's your time worth. mine is worth quite a bit to me and for what BC does its best of breed as far as I am concerned and I decided to play the asking price. Try the trial and try the free/opensource versions of similar package. I chose BC.


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      @molitar, this software is worth every penny. It does what a lot of other software's don't. I see no need for the author to give a discount. -WS


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        While we do post periodic discounts, we don't post them quite as often as some companies might in order to keep the regular price low and fair. You are welcome to keep an eye on the forum or Facebook/Twitter for when the next discount might roll around.

        We actually created Standard Edition in order to keep the overall price low for everyone, all the time. Some of the additional Pro features required a price increase and instead of increasing the price across the board, we packaged together the Std Edition to maintain the $30 price point.
        Aaron P Scooter Software