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How to use folder merge

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  • How to use folder merge

    Hi there, just trying out BC4 and somehow I don't get it how to use the folder merge.

    I have the following directories:

    1. The original skin of a previous version (orig_old)
    2. My modified skin of the previous version (custom_old)
    3. The original skin of the current version (orig_new)

    I now need to bring the changes I've made in the previous version into the current version. But of course, they also changed a lot of things. So I can't just copy and keep my custom skin files but need to merge their changes and mine. The merged result will be "custom_new".

    Which would I put in the left, centre and right column?

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    After a bit of trying I figured it out.

    Centre: common base, here orig_old
    Left: my changes of the old version, here custom_old
    Right: original current version, here orig_new

    And the output directory should be my changes ported to the current version, custom_new.

    Dragged the folders from Explorer into the right BC panel until the displayed differences seemed reasonable. ;-)


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      Thanks for the feedback. The center pane is indeed the Common Ancestor pane in both the Text Merge and Folder Merge session types.

      We'll look into providing a bit more feedback or documentation to help point to this.
      Aaron P Scooter Software