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    Are there any plans to integrate OneDrive natively (like FTP) into BC4? Or, alternatively, to support WebDAV as a protocol?

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    Hi Reiner,

    As you can see on this page WebDAV support is one of the new features of BC4.



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      OneDrive support: How configure the beta?

      I have seen that the WebDAV support is a features of the BC4.
      I'm not an expert (in this case I'm a noob ) and I don't know how setup the beta to test this functionality with the BC4 and my OneDrive 'space'.

      Have you any suggestion on how configure the session?



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        OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) support is on our wish list for a future version, but not supported in the current version of Beyond Compare.

        It looks like OneDrive doesn't currently support WebDAV.

        The most recent statement I can find from Microsoft about WebDAV support in OneDrive is: [^]

        Sept 28, 2013
        "Please be informed that SkyDrive does not support WebDAV. In line with that, opening an encrypted file using SkyDrive app on your mobile device may not work properly."
        Chris K Scooter Software


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          Thanks for the answer.
          When you spoke about a 'future version' you intend for the official release 4 or for a future update after the release 4?



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            We don't have a set schedule for it, so we can't promise it'd make it into BC4. We do hope to expand on our Profile support after release, but each protocol requires a decent amount of investigation and development.

            We hope BC4's current feature set would be worth the asking price, and if we're able to add in additional Profile support it'll be an added benefit.
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              There are two 'versions' of OneDrive; there's a free 'OneDrive' version, and a 'OneDrive for business' version that is bundled with various paid-for services such as Office 365 subscriptions. Are you guys talking about free OneDrive, or OneDrive for Business?

              Microsoft are 'giving' me a OneDrive for Business drive with at least 1TB, as part of my Office 365 account. As you guys probably know, OneDrive for Business is built on 'Sharepoint', and as a result, they add metadata to the files - a sucky behavior. Because of this, I can't use BC to 'check' for changes in files. If there was a way to 'exclude' the metadata elements, I could possibly get around this. In this context, 'files' are XLS, DOC, etc.


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                +1 for this feature as well - especially since it is getting more ingrained with recent Windows 8.x / 10 OS.

                I also would like to do a BC with DropBox, local PC and OneDrive as well, have looked at using MultCloud to transfer between both, but also would like to compare "clouds"


                Melbourne, Australia


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                  Microsoft OneDrive is now supported in Beyond Compare 4.1 beta for Windows.

                  Beta download page:
                  Chris K Scooter Software


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                    To answer your question about *which* OneDrive BC is trying to support, I downloaded the beta. Although "onedrive" doesn't seem to be documented anywhere in the help, I saw it listed when I tried to set up a profile for it. Attempting to use it, it appeared to be a Windows Live login prompt. Using an Office 365 login account was rejected with "That Microsoft account doesn't exist.". As is true with all other "sync" utilities I've tried, when the vendor says "OneDrive", they really mean the consumer version, not Office 365.

                    So, it appears that the Holy Grail of having a functional sync utility for Office 365 continues to wait until Microsoft delivers on their longstanding promise to combine their three (3!) different OneDrive sync clients into one usable client. Really amazing that they can sell this into enterprises without any functional sync utility for it. If somebody could have made a decent sync for O365 a year ago, I think they would be rich by now -- or bought out by MS.


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                      Yes, OneDrive support in Beyond Compare 4.1 beta is for the consumer version of OneDrive only.

                      Although Microsoft calls the version of OneDrive included in Office 365 "OneDrive for Business", the underlying technology is not the same as the consumer version of OneDrive. Microsoft calling both versions OneDrive is based purely on marketing, it is not based on compatibility.
                      Chris K Scooter Software


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                        There's been the ability to mount a network drive in Windows via WebDAV which allows you to see your OneDrive (Personal) as a drive letter:



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                          True, previous versions of Beyond Compare could access OneDrive Personal this way. BC4 adds direct WebDAV support, while BC4.1 adds OneDrive Personal support. All 4.x updates are free for 4.x users; you can update from our website or the Help menu -> Check for Updates.
                          Aaron P Scooter Software