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  • Bug or feature?

    I am seeing what I consider a bug in build 17677. In version 3, if I compare similar folder trees ABC and DEF, then expand and visit folder ABC\123\456, I see the path above the folder tree with ABC\ in black and 123\456 in gray. On the right hand side I see DEF\ in black and 123\456 in gray.

    By contrast, in version 4 the path on the left is the same as I see in version 3, but on the right I see only DEF in black, however deep I vernture in the tree on either side. This is unexpected, and unwelcome. The folder exists on both sides, and the file I click is in the folder, so why do you not show the full path on both sides?

    It's always the right-hand side that has a truncated path. Except that if I click on an orphan file on the right, the left-hand path shows only ABC and the right-hand side shows the full path to the folder in black and gray.

    If this is an enhancement, I dislike it. I want to see the same folder on both sides in the heading path when I click on a file that is in the folder and the folder exists on both sides. If it's a bug, it needs to be fixed.

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    Thanks for the bug report. The fix should be in the next release.
    Erik Scooter Software