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Feature Request: compressed file helper

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  • Feature Request: compressed file helper

    I was trying to compare a tgz file with the file system (NTFS, or even a zip file) and if the tgz file has links in it I don't get the compare I expect.

    For an example, you can go to and download the two Source Code compressed files (zip and tgz). If you compare them it will show orphans on both sides. In reality, the zip file has a separate copy of certain files in different parts of the folder tree while the tgz file has links to a common copy.

    Is there a way (can there be a way) of viewing the tgz as if the links are resolved so that (in this case) everything matches up?


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    Thanks for the report and example. We can investigate this support. In the meantime, you'll need to extract your archives to a temp location and compare after extraction (at which point, I found in my testing we should be able to treat these links as the targets).
    Aaron P Scooter Software