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BC4 Windows - important unimportant differences coloring

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  • BC4 Windows - important unimportant differences coloring

    This is a post request about BC4 configuration. I have been using BC3 for a few years now and am accustomed to minor differences like spaces and tabs ("unimportant differences") being displayed in blue and content differences ("important differences") displayed in red, comparing files of type "*.c" and "*.h".

    On upgrading to BC4 recently, it imported my BC3 settings, but I see all differences, formatting and content both displayed as red.

    I checked the BC4 options, "Colors, Fonts", "File Views" tab and see option for "Compare colors" set to what I expect (red/blue), but when I have my two files loaded side-by-side, all differences (unimportant and important) are both displayed as red.

    What's wrong? Is this a BC4 bug or a configuration error on my part?

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    The default colors are Red for Important, and a darker/lighter shade of orange for Unimportant. The switch is part of a the design since each side can have it's own independent color (in Compare or Merge). So, unimportance is now defaulted to be represented with a lighter color shade of the respective color.

    The option you list should be the correct way to customize this back to BC3-like behavior. Did you change the "Unimportant difference" color? If so, it is possible your differences are actually important (actually Red, and not Red/Orange). If this is the case, we may need a pair of sample files and your to recreate the comparison. You can email these to Please also include a link back to this forum post for our reference.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks Aaron for helping me figure out how to configure BC4 the way I was used to working with BC3!

      To set it up as I wanted, we set the color options for "File Views"->"Compare Colors"->"Difference Line" coloring (affects the thumbnail color), leaving the "Compare Colors"->"Important difference" and "Unimportant difference" backgrounds set to "Default". Super.