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Difference between session and workspace.

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  • Difference between session and workspace.

    Sorry for asking such a daft question but can someone tell me what is the difference between a workspace and a session? I saved one of each and when I load them in BC4 they look identical. Clearly I'm missing something important between the two but I can't see what the one does that the other doesn't. Any thoughts appreciated.

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    A session contains the settings for a single comparison (paths, comparison criteria, filters, etc). A workspace saves all of the opened tabs/windows so you can re-load that exact set again later. It references your saved sessions so it knows what to re-open, but doesn't have any of the comparison details itself.
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      I see it now. If it was a snake it'd have bitten my thumb.

      I created two sessions with slight differences. I attached session A to one workspace, and sessions A and B to another. When I load each workspace I see tabs for the sessions I've assigned to that workspace. That's now much clearer.