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  • Run multiple sessions at once

    It would be nice if multiple jobs will run automatically once they are opened.

    For instance: I have a dozen mirror-jobs for my N-Drive (backup from N->other drives)

    I can open the folder and all jobs are launched, but I need to wait until all compares are done and then click on the [Sync] button for each separate job.
    So, I need to be present all the time.

    I can launch a normal backuptool, run a job and it will perform without me being present, I can go on and do something else.

    My wish is that this would be implemented in Beyond Compare...

    I know, I touched this in BC3 forum already under "Run opened sessions without prompting"

    Add run all-Unattended here



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    We do not auto-run, but the Folder Sync session has a button called 'auto-sync' that is displayed during the scanning step. You do not need to wait until the scan is complete. If you click 'auto-sync', the sync will initialize and go immediately after the scan finishes.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks, that helps already.

      I just counted the number of jobs that is opened with the one folder in my previous post: not a dozen, but it opens 20 'mirror'-sessions at once.

      Anyway, maybe one day it will be available.

      Thanks again


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        I did add your notes to our Customer Wishlist entry on this topic. In the meantime, if using the graphical interface and not BCScripting, you would need to go to each of the 20 tabs and click Auto-Sync or Sync to trigger the sync (which would then run 20 concurrent syncs).

        Scripting could be made to launch and run all of your syncs, one after the other, with multiple script commands.
        Aaron P Scooter Software