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  • Office file comparison

    Are there any enhancments planned for the comparison of Office files, especially MS-Word?

    It would be nice see the results of a comparison based on unformatted text, like other tools (Compare Suite, UltraCompare) are doing it; or to use the document comparison of Word directly.

    Why not let the user configure the tool for the file comparison based on the file Extension?

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    We've support Office file comparisons for quite some time. BC2 supported it with additional downloads on our webpage, and BC3 and BC4 both have the support built in on Windows.

    Word files are converted and compared as plain text in the Text Compare.

    This is not needed for Word or Excel files, but we also do have a fully user configurable interface based on extension. This is in the Tools menu -> File Formats, where you can define a custom format based on an extension, and define a custom conversion either on Load or Save. Word and Excel are built in.

    Are you having trouble loading these file types? You are running BC4, correct? Is the format "MS Word" in your File Formats dialog? If not, please ues the Tools -> Restore Factory Defaults options to restore it.

    If you are running on Linux or MacOS, we do not have the conversion built-in, but you can define any command line conversion to open your files.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hi Aaron,

      Thanks for explaining; I have used the comparison function in BC3 in Windows and I found the difference viewer a bit unhandy: text lines being being too wide, also including special characters, so that grasping the differences is not easy. Maybe wrapping lines or filtering special characters could help here.

      Is it also possible to configure word itself as comparison tool for word files?

      Many thanks,


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        Originally posted by Reiner View Post
        Is it also possible to configure word itself as comparison tool for word files?
        I imagine this might work although we haven't tried it here yet:
        Tim T Scooter Software