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ignore one difference in compare files

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  • ignore one difference in compare files

    I'm trying to compare 2 folders with a lot of files, nearly all have the difference
    2003-2013 <--> 2003-2014

    which i want to ignore, and only see files with other differences.

    Can i, and if yes how can i do that ?


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    Open one of the file pairs, then open the "Rules" dialog (click on the umpire in the tool bar) and select the replacements tab.

    Click the "+" at the bottom of the dialog, and enter "2003-2013" in Text to find, and "2003-2014" in Replace with. Make sure "Left" is selected under side. Click OK, then back in the replacements tab, select "Use for all files within the parent session" in the dropdown at the bottom of the dialog. Click OK. Close the file comparison; if there are no other differences, the two files should now show as having an unimportant difference in the folder comparison. You may need to refresh the folder compare to apply the replacement to the rest of the files.