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Customizing toolbars individually

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  • Customizing toolbars individually

    I'm experimenting with changing the buttons visible on the toolbars for the different views.

    But it seems that when I make a change for one (e.g. Text Compare), then it also affects others.

    For example, in Options -> Toolbars, if I use the 'Select view' dropdown to choose 'Text Compare' and then I toggle the 'View Patch' command checkbox for the toolbar, if I then use the 'Select view' dropdown to choose 'Folder Compare', I see that the same setting has taken effect there too.

    Is that expected?

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    Thanks for the report. The Display Filters should be updating in the current build, but I do see the View Patch issue you mention. We'll look into it.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      View Patch specifically is a global toolbar button. If it is visible on one toolbar then it is available on all toolbars. Other commands would be session specific, and you would see the checkbox update as you switch between the views. Toolbar commands that are available on the Home screen in menus are the commands that are global.
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        Thanks for the clarification, Aaron.