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  • Sessions Drop-Down Listing Question

    I may have missed an option for this, but is there a way to have the "Drive:" included with the path in the drop-down listings for the folder and/or text compare "Sessions" button.

    I "archive" to multiple hard drives so I have "auto-save" listings which may look the same. But one is for my primary backup and the other drive is for my secondary backup (an old Blue/Gold habit). So, when I am IN a folder compare and drop the Sessions list (I am NOT on the home screen), I have the following:

    Icon Data <--> Data
    Icon Data <--> Data

    It is NOT a duplicate, one is for the primary and the other is secondary. Is there a way (that I probably missed) to add drive designation to the "Sessions drop-down listing" so that I would end up with the following:

    Icon C:\Data <--> X:\Data
    Icon C:\Data <--> Y:\Data

    I know that I can open "Sessions Management" on the Home screen. But I am wanting to go directly from one folder comparison to another without guessing or having to go back to the Home screen. Thanks for your help.

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    The auto-generated names only include the last folder in the path:
    c:\subfolder\subfolder\data <> x:\subfolder2\data
    will display as
    data <> data

    To include more information, you would need to use the Session menu -> Save Session commands to manually save the current session. This can be given a longer name ("C:\Icon Data <> D:\Data"), or you can create Folders ("Icon C <> X") which could then contain shorter names ("Data <> Data")

    A couple of navigation tips: If you use the "Sessions" toolbar button, you can then select a session to replace the current view. Or you can use Ctrl+T to launch a new tab to the default Home screen, then select a new session to open.
    Aaron P Scooter Software