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Embedded panel of "Find Dialogue" - Screen Real Estate ?

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  • Embedded panel of "Find Dialogue" - Screen Real Estate ?

    The enhanced feature of Find:

    Folder Compare's "Find Filename" is now an embedded panel instead of a modalless window.

    Since this feature is again taking TWICE than necessary vertical screen real estate - you may want to see that the two rows of this feature can be implemented in one row only. In my wide screen (1900*1200) there is unused space on the sides of this new Find implementation and unnecessary usage of second row by "Sides", "Close Automatically" and "Select All" - Would have preferred to have everything in one row.

    Secondly, Please provide an option to close this panel manually.

    and Finally, while in File Compare Sessions this panel has option of Show_More/Show_Less; in Folder Compare there is no such option; you may want to give consistent experience.

    Oh, Sides DropDown in Folder Compare is missing option of "Current(....)" also.

    with Regards

    Sanjiv Bansal
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    And ToolBar Button for "Find Filename" can now be made a Toggle - so that we can open AND close the Find Panel.

    With Regards

    Sanjiv Bansal


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      Thanks for the suggestions and feedback. If any other users have feedback regarding the Find panel design, it's appreciated.

      In the meantime, you can use the "Esc" key to close an opened Find panel.
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        Thanks for your response.

        You may consider to:
        1. Use the already existing Icons for "Find Next FileName" and "Find Previous Filename" on the "Next" and "Prev" buttons on the Find Panel.

        2. Option of "Find Next FileName" and "Find Previous Filename" in the Main ToolBar seem to be redundant in the new scheme of things of Find Panel. May be they can be removed now.

        With Regards

        Sanjiv Bansal


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          Yes, I have some additional thoughts on the Find panel: its new format is horrid! I would like to request options to:

          1. NEVER hide the 'sides' box, on a second line or elsewhere. It is far to easy to search, find nothing, and not realize that the box is set to the 'wrong' side. Not having it visible is a bug, in my view. Shorten the search-string edit box if necessary, but always show what file is being searched: it is equally important as the alpha and regex buttons and should be seen on the same line as them.

          2. Allow the whole (single line) search panel to be moved up to the main toolbar, where it belongs. I frequently display a file comparison across two monitors, and I have plenty of room. The option would need to be separate for folders and file search panels.

          3. Provide a button to close the search panel, and an option to change the keyboard shortcut to something other than Escape. I expect Escape to close the window, which it still does if you have no search panel open or if you accidentally press it twice. Using Control-F as a toggle would be more intuitive, I feel.

          4. Allow the Filters panel to be moved up to the main toolbar also, while you are about it. Again, there is plenty of room, even on a single monitor, and I would much prefer not to lose the vertical space, because I usually have only the filter panel in use and do not need to search in the folder/file view.

          Some of my colleagues use monitors in portrait orientation, which is why these would have to be options, and I know you want to cut down on options. Nevertheless I think that almost everybody wants to maximize the space available to see their data, so these settings are important enough to warrant making them configurable.
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