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STILL not copying creation times and not setting folder mod time

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  • STILL not copying creation times and not setting folder mod time

    I have been a loyal Beyond Compare user for 12 years, frequently recommending it to my friends, colleagues, and clients. But alas! There is one issue that forces me to ditch BC and go back to the command-line robocopy...copying created (and access) time for folders and files, and properly setting folder modified time.

    I've asked for this from BC repeatedly for over a decade, but it has never been implemented. I do not understand why creation/access time is such a big deal to copy. As a programmer, I know how easy it is--one line of code. That's all. There is simply no excuse not give users the option to copy it.

    Folder date is almost as easy...last thing you do after copying the contents of a folder is set its modified time. You're already setting the folder mod time, but you just need to set it after you copy contents instead of before.

    Obviously you don't realize how critical these attributes are to people who move data around on a regular basis because otherwise you would have implemented it sometime over the past 12 years. When you're dealing with terabytes of data spanning decades, accurate folder dates help quickly weed out old vs. active data. Creation times help isolate old content vs. new content, even when both modified dates might be recent. If I use BC to move data, suddenly everything was created today and every folder has today's date. Completely unacceptable, especially for a program that is so full-featured otherwise.

    So still no creation time copying, folder modified time still not copying correctly, and reduced functionality toolbar...rather disappointing upgrade.

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    Created Date and Folder timestamps did not make it into the initial BC4 Beta release, but we are planning on working them in. A lot of our development resources have been focused on the technical requirements to bring Beyond Compare to OSX, and the initial beta releases have focused on stability and bug fixes. Our lead developer goes into more detail on the forum and what we've been up to, here:
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I couldn't agree more. I'm visiting the forums for my annual check to see if this has been implemented yet. Been doing it for 7 years now... I was impressed with trialing BC3, except for this bug. I can't wait to purchase BCx when it finally gets implemented...


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        I too would like to add my vote for an option to preserve folder date/time stamps when copying.
        While it would be nice to be able to have a comparison of the various time/date stamps preserving them is, for me, the most critical is preserving the info while copying.
        It's the biggest feature on my BC wishlist.
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          Missing features for creation date

          I've just downloaded 4.1.3 (build 20814) just to test this feature out after battling with various other tools. I appreciate you've developed the 'copy creation dates' feature, but I find it to be half baked in the context of what Beyond Compare does.

          Basically my issue is that there is no 'Created' column in the grid. There are things like CRC and Attributes (all which are from the same bag of information where Created date is from). This column is seriously lacking!

          Secondly, I have no way of comparing files by creation date so even if BC syncs two folders with correct created dates, I have no way of verifying it/seeing it clearly in the grids.

          I've been copying many gigabytes for days and after having realised that I've lost my created dates, I will copy again with BC4 and the new option turned on, but I will do so with a feeling that my solution is incomplete...

          Beyond Compare is something of a hybrid, it seems to me. It is a file and folder comparison software, but the feature requested in this thread is more to do with backup software (IMHO). So I guess the reason that such features are lower on your list of development priorities is that they are file copying/backup type features. So I can only ask nicely and hope you get this implemented and bridge the gap between the compare and backup/sync functionalities of Beyond Compare.


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            I too have been using Beyond Compare for a while, and am wishing to have a Copy/Preserve the file's Created Date as well as the Modified Date (which it currently does preserve).

            After recently having to go through a system crash and restore, where the restored files all got Created dates of the date of the restore operation, rather than when the files were really created, I have found myself wishing for the file Created date feature.
            (It's been a nightmare, but that's a topic for --umm-- therapy perhaps...)

            I do use two file management tools which do preserve both the files' Created and Modified dates: TeraCopy and XYplorer file manager. But of course, one has to have a copy of the source file with the true dates in order to copy from...
            And neither of them do the job of comparing content differences.

            P.S. Love the product. Wishing for more capabilities. ;-)


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              BC4 did add an option to "Copy creation dates" in the Folder Compare's Session Settings, Handling tab. If enabled, a Copy will preserve both the Last Modified and Creation Date for files (but not folders).
              Aaron P Scooter Software