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  • Comparison takes forever

    Hello everyone,

    today i right/left clicked on 2 files to compare them, but the comparison is after 15min still running and i even got message that the cores have 90 C Temperature.

    The files were .csv files that consinst of approx 7million lines of data (350MB) . One line would look like:


    350Mb doesn't sound THAT much - or am i doing something wrong.


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    A comparison that large for the Table Compare is not trivial, but the temp warning message worries me a bit. Running any process will generally use as many resources as available, and if running an intensive processor task (a BC4 compare, encoding a video, etc) increases your processor's temp beyond safety limits, then your computer might also be down-clocking the processor. 90 C seems high; I would suggest checking with your manufacturer for the temp safety range of your computer and to verify if the hardware is properly installed.

    If you have access to another machine, it would be good to test there as well.

    The Text Compare will be a less intensive task, as the data does not need as much sorting/pre-processing, as another method of opening your CSV files.
    Aaron P Scooter Software