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    This is relating to a feature request of a fellow user at:
    and my wish at

    More Information & Control over Tasks feature is what I have also been waiting for. My impression was that it could be done within the present scheme of things also. An image is attached which explains how it could possibly be done. As shown in the image:

    1. There can be Radio Buttons (One for every task) - Selecting one of them will highlight/Select the respective Files/Folders for that particular task in the Files and Folders display/Details area above.

    2. We can have Individual Pause Button for every Task (And there can be a global Pause Button for ALL the tasks - on the toolbar) - These Pause Buttons should be a toggle between Pause/Resume.

    3. Then we have the Statusbar as present.

    4. The icons on the right are DISABLED illustrative icons for the particular action of the task.

    5. Then we have the description of what is happening RIGHT NOW (Just as we are having now - in the illustrative image these descriptions are all showing "Synchronizing", however we can have various distinctive descriptions like Updating Right, Updating Left, Mirroring Right, Mirroring Left, Copying Right, Copying Left etc.)

    I may not be much aware of the feasibility of the solution, I described above and in the image; however I thought it might serve the purpose of Southcot and another of my wish posted sometime back.

    Will look forward to your positive consideration of the suggestion.

    With Regards

    Sanjiv Bansal
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    Thanks for the additional detail and mock screenshot. I'll add these notes to our wishlist entry on the subject.
    Aaron P Scooter Software