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Featre Requests: Run as Admin and Explorer Cut/Copy/Paste

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  • Featre Requests: Run as Admin and Explorer Cut/Copy/Paste


    I really like the updates in the 4.0 Beta. I have two easily implementable features that would really help my workflow.

    1) A simple button that loads the same session as an admin in a new process (or in the same process if that's possible). As I am trying to lock permissions down on my computer, I often run into instances when I get blocked from copying files to certain parts of the computer by BC, but Explorer would simply ask me if I want permission to do the copy operation. If it is easier, asking for permission through UAC would be fine with me also.

    2) There are times when I want to move or copy files to a non-parallel location on the other side. I realize there is move to folder and copy to folder, but when I am doing this dozens of times with different sets of files to many different locations it becomes cumbersome. I have been right-clicking the set of files and using the explorer sub-menu to cut or copy and then again to paste. It would really be nice if there were optional toolbar buttons (like in Explorer) that called these explorer functions directly without the time to populate the explorer menu. It would be great also if we did not have to manually call a refresh after these operations have finished.

    I realize that you have much higher priorities, but this would be helpful to me and probably many others. I really love BC and am looking forward to the release BC4.


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    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll add both of these to our Customer Wishlist.
    Aaron P Scooter Software