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  • BC4 filters

    I am giving BC4 a try for the first time now.
    In the filter box I have set: *.ini; *.dat

    I discovered it is wrong, I would expect the refresh button to then apply the filters, i.e. only the ini and dat files to show up, but one needs to hit enter there.


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    Thanks. This is on our wishlist to implement a feature like this. For now, you do need to hit Enter to commit the filter.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      But the enter behaviour has to be available, too. After a full folder comparision I want to filter groups of some file types (one or more at several steps) on the result of the previous comparision without performing a possibly timeconsuming comparision again.


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        This would be on a plain Refresh, not a Full Refresh, so any existing content comparisons would stay in place.

        Edit: And yes, the current behavior would stay as well. This change would just be another way to apply uncommitted filters.
        ZoŽ P Scooter Software


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          Just looking at Rodolfos bad mood-screenshot I think of an additional load-button like the 'enter path here'-confirmation for the heavy mouse-users of us (but I'm sticked at the keyboard).

          I'm not really using the plain refresh, but Full Refresh or Selection Refresh. From BC3 experience I would say a plain refresh takes more time than applying a new file filter by hitting enter.