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Changing case sensitivity for in profiles.

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  • Changing case sensitivity for in profiles.


    Sorry I'm late to the party. Had to visit your website to see there was a beta.

    Noticed an issue with changing case sensitivity for FTP. Even tho I imported all my settings from my BC3 portable, I had two servers that showed folders with different case, one with the first letter capitalized and the other without. When I unchecked the "case sensitive" checkbox, and refreshed the page it didn't work and I had to restart BC4 for that to take effect.

    BTW, being able to import the settings from my BC3 portable install worked great.

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    My guess is that you have "case sensitive" disabled in BC3's <default> FTP profile, and when you imported, you didn't explicitly include the <default> profile. (During Import, <default> isn't pre-selected by default, if that makes sense!)
    Tim T Scooter Software


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      Just to add to Tim's explanation: the Import dialog unchecks items that already exist (and also shows them as Red text in the Import wizard). Since a "<default>" FTP profile already exists, its unchecked by default and requires the user to check it to bring it in to BC4.

      If your BC3 <default> FTP Profile had any configurations, you would just need to set them up again or re-import (Tools menu -> Import) to bring the setting in.
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        Hi guys,

        I guess my point wasn't so much the import part, but being able to check the checkbox and having my Template and template folders pair up without restarting BC4. In retrospect tho, I did a quick refresh, not the one thru the "edit" menu, which I've never used.


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          Yes, in this case a "Full Refresh" (or closing and reopening the session) would be necessary to redo to comparison alignment.
          Tim T Scooter Software