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  • UI Incoherence?


    On the Home tab, there is the pin "Unpin Session Management Panel" and a cross "Hide Web Resources Panel".

    Why not 2 pins or 2 crosses?
    Why not 2 "unpin" or 2 "hide"?

    Though there are both under the "View" menu with the same verb "Show"...
    Michel Dessaintes
    Modérateur du Forum Francophone & Traducteur Officiel de BC2/BC3/BC4 en Français

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    Thanks for the feedback. The Session Management has a pin because it is easily dismiss-able. If unpinned, and you launch a session, when you come back it won't be expanded. Optionally, it can also be pinned so that it stays open and always present.

    The Web Resources panel is sticky and is always in the state it was set to previously. It does not optionally come back if a new tab or window is called.

    We are considering changing the wording to alternate Show/Hide, but we've previously always had tried to use constant, positive wording (with a toggle icon).

    We certainly appreciate user feedback in this area.
    Aaron P Scooter Software