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vert scroll bar BC3 setting not imported

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  • vert scroll bar BC3 setting not imported

    Win 7 Pro, BC4 beta 17440
    In BC3's Tweaks File view, I have 'Single vertical scrollbar' checked and 'In right editor' cleared, so I have only one scrollbar, in the middle of the screen.
    In BC4 the tweak is only 'Single vertical scrollbar', giving either one scrollbar at right, or two scrollbars (center and right).

    Could 'In right editor' be added to BC4?
    If not, could BC3's 'In right editor=false' be translated to 'Single vertical scrollbar=false', giving a center scrollbar?

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    Sorry, while re-organizing and trimming down the list of options, this is one that we felt didn't make the cut.

    Are there other users who feel similarly? We would certainly appreciate feedback.

    As a workaround, could I recommend using the Thumbnail view (left side) as another alternate scroll area? Or using keyboard shortcuts?
    Aaron P Scooter Software