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Tools>Import Settings did not bring in folders (Windows)

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  • Tools>Import Settings did not bring in folders (Windows)

    Have about 20 folders containing about 10 sessions each. Exported BC3 all settings to file. Imported into BC4. Selector shows folders selected for import. Only brought in top level compares. No folders, no sessions contained within folders.

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    I see the same problem when installing to a portable drive, no folders are imported from BC3.
    Win 7 pro, BC beta 17440


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      Thanks for the feedback, we'll get that fixed as soon as we can.

      Short term there are three workarounds:

      1) Copy your BCSessions.xml your BC3 folder into your BC4 one. You can navigate to the default location in Explorer using the path "%AppData%\Scooter Software\Beyond Compare 3" and ...\Beyond Compare 4. This will preserve your folders, but it does not do conversions so a few things will revert to defaults. The folder compare's "Other filters" tab (date, size, DOS attributes, text content filters) is the most significant one that won't be handled.

      2) In the Options dialog, go to the bottom of the "Tweaks" tab and set BC3's BCSessions.xml as the "Shared Sessions File". This will preserve your folders and does do the conversions, so everything should load correctly, but the session settings will be read-only, and if you want to change that you'll need to copy them one at a time using the "Save As" command.

      3) Open your BC3 BCSessions.xml file and look for any lines that begin with "<TSessionFolder Value=" or "</TSessionFolder>" and delete those lines. That will remove the folder structure, so you can import the sessions and everything should work, but you'll need to re-organize them.

      If you're using a settings export file (.bcpkg), it's just a .zip with a different extension. You can rename it to .zip, extract BCSessions.xml, make any changes to it, and import it into BC4 on its own.
      ZoŽ P Scooter Software


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        Thanks for the workarounds.

        I was just about to report this issue and noticed you had posted the work around. Thanks.


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          FYI, I tried the option given with option 3 I had a session backup file and I removed the lines mentioned (there were 2 sets because there were nested folders, I also removed the <items </items for the base folder and it did not import. I edited the saved session file (renamed to zip) using winzip and then the editor it offered (notepad). once done I did the import. no joy... just a
          data point for you.